I am from Alaska

The digits that I have faced were well below zero

I’ve still been known to get cold in Cali

We also deal with heat that convinces us village kids to dive into the cold Yukon deep

I am Alaskan Native, and No you did not ask

My Koyukon Athabascan elders went through assimilation and discrimination

We still feel the same hate that wants to ruin our fate

I did not drink or smoke despite the facts and stats

I did not kill myself, even as death’s suicide grip grasps our map

You did not ask, but yes, I think everyone should know

I went to a boarding school run by the state trying to get out of the money due dates

The students are Indigenous seeking empowerment and breaking restraints

It used to be run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and children with TB were sent there

The children were abused and it never made the news

My great grandparents sipped then hit

My grandfather hides and tries

My mother saved me by breaking the cycle

I am an Alaskan for Alaskans

That is why I am in California