Drink. Drink up.
Fill yourself with BCAA and whey,
The extra nutrients, extra calories, extra power, extra powder,
Extra ego,
To fill yourself in more,
As if you aren’t already big enough to exist.

Eat. Eat everything you can.
Load up on carbs,
Stack on more proteins,
so you can do one more hang clean
At your 3 hour gym work out
In the morning.

Lift. Lift all your insecurities.
You know sculpting your body
Is also people wanting to sculpt you
Into more than just skin and bones.
But after all that,
You’re still just skin with bones.
More muscle,
More masculinity,
To mask that fact
That you were secretly
Too small to be successful.
Too minute to be a man.
Just a failure.

By some standard
Who you are is not enough,
You need to be tough.
You need to be able to lift up a bar with 400 pounds
To be able to go reps and rounds
Of benching 20 pounds over your PR (personal record)
You set just last week.

Decreasing in size, in weight
In numbers,
Somehow makes you less valuable,
Somehow makes you less man.
Less human.

You did this for you,
As all the dudes do,
But most do this for them.
The them,
The they,
The people that say,
“Do you even lift bro?”

But when will they stop lifting
the burdens that others throw on them?
The extra 100 pounds won’t make
the weight of the pressure, the shame, the unreal expectations
Lifting what you, what guys, what men hear
Off of their shoulders
Is the ultimate PR.