Welcome to Menlo Oak Press

Photo by Andrey Poliakov

Menlo Oak Press Editor Taylor Morrow (photo by Andrey Poliakov)

by Taylor Morrow–

Menlo School and Junior College was founded in 1927. The school’s first paper was published in October of 1928. It was a one page paper with the title “The Menlo???,” question marks included. Since its creation, the Menlo newspaper has had many different titles. In 1930, the school decided on the name El Roble Blanco after having a naming contest. In 1936 the title was changed to Oak and Acorn. The Oak and Acorn was the first student paper in the United States to be reproduced by photolithic process. In 1969 the name was changed again to The Oak. From 1975 to 2009 the Menlo College paper was titled The Menlo Oak and was published on a consistent basis. In 2009 the paper transitioned to being online but then slowly dwindled out.

In 2014 the decision was made to recreate and reinvent the Menlo College newspaper in order to provide students with a place to pursue the practice of journalism and inform the Menlo community. The first step to publishing a new paper for Menlo College was forming the Journalism Club. The Club’s focus during the spring semester of 2015 was to increase awareness and involvement with the paper in order to create something the Menlo College community would read. We conducted a survey asking what title students and faculty liked the most and what topics they would read. With the help of the Writing Center, Menlo College students successfully created an online newspaper titled Menlo Oak Press. This semester the Journalism Club helped the Bowman Library with their journalism exhibit entitled “Black and White and Read: News Reporting at Menlo.” Make sure to check out this exhibit and the Menlo Oak Press slideshow in the Bowman Library Lobby. Our future goals include continuing to increase interest and recruit more writers along with making a print version of our paper. A lot of hard work and time was put into the online version of this paper…ENJOY!

If you have any questions about the paper or are interested in writing for Menlo Oak Press, feel free to contact me at my Menlo College email taylor.morrow. A “letter to the editor” may also be sent for consideration for publication.