Agave Mexican Bistro

by Samantha Newman–

tacos, beans, rice

Image by Agave Mexican Bistro (this image and Agave logo from Facebook)

If you ever venture into Mountain View and find your stomach growling, be sure to head over to Agave Mexican Bistro. Located on Castro Street amid a myriad of other unique and trendy restaurants, Agave offers a unique Mexican food experience. You won’t find burritos on their menu, but you will find street tacos, churrasco steak, and many more modern, yet traditional, dishes. For myself, I ordered tacos el Yaqui. These tacos are served on a flour tortilla with melted cheese on the bottom and carne asada, jalapenos, onions, and cilantro on top. Included are a small bowl of black beans topped with cotija (a type of crumbly Mexican cheese similar to feta) and a side of rice.

For sixteen dollars you receive a very filling dish that you probably won’t be able to finish.

The atmosphere of Agave is very modern and, for anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting my hometown of Long Beach, is very reminiscent of the art you will find at MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art). I recommend visiting Castro Street at least once if you decide to tour Mountain View, but I especially recommend Agave if you’re looking for a modern Mexican place that has delicious free chips with two types of salsa, friendly service, and filling entrées.

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