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The Art Club

by Corona Beck–

The Art Club was founded in the school year of 2010-2011. It was revitalized by Kalin Knight in the fall of 2012. Art is a carrier of culture; music, painting, and performance characterize many important aspects of culture. Art has been used for centuries to pass on cultural learning, starting with the earliest cave paintings. So why have an art club at Menlo College? Cultural awareness is very important in business, and in addition, art is often found in marketing, in presentations, and in product design. Practicing art helps encourage creative thinking. Painting is as much an innovative process as inventing a new product or service in business.

Art Club

Art Club poster (photo by Menlo College staff)

The Art Club has many events each year. Early in the fall a splatter paint event is held outside. It is a great opportunity to relax and let go–art can be very therapeutic. The club also puts on the Halloween party at which students can carve pumpkins and enjoy treats and traditional Halloween foods. In February, the Art Club holds an event where students can create gifts for their loved ones. The Art Club also collaborates with many clubs on campus. Every year the Art Club designs and creates signs and artwork for the Hawai’i Club’s annual Luau. In September, the Art Club collaborated with the Black Student Union to host the “What Hip-Hop and R&B means to you” event. The Art Club has community art studio hours Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm in the basement of Kratt Hall. Kalin invites anyone to come down for help with art homework or a project, or just a relaxing art session to help you de-stress during finals.

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