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Marketing Club 2015-2016

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By Martin Gonzalez, Priya Shanmugasundaram, and Rachna Gandhi–

The Menlo College Marketing Club (MCMC) works to enhance students overall marketing knowledge. Students are offered opportunities to participate in activities that enrich their exposure to marketing in the “real world” and their lives. The Marketing Club also focuses on career development and promotes great opportunities such as volunteer events, local conferences, and networking events.

Google Trip   

On September 29th and October 2nd, the MCMC visited Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. The visit far exceeded our expectations and all our participants gained an experience of what it feels like to work at a high-level corporation. We were able to have one-on-one conversations with other Googlers and get fascinating insight into what takes place at Google, a company that is truly changing the world. We also received a wealth of information on many of the achievements and exclusive technology at Google. Best of all, we were able to dine with a variety of Google employees from various departments. The history behind Google is quite inspiring and we encourage anyone who is curious to check out the visitor center at Google Campus.

Awesome time at Google. Not only did we all enjoy ourselves, but being educated in a highly innovative workplace was very beneficial to our marketing club and our mission as a club. Can’t wait to do another trip like this again.” – Justin Lozano (Senior at Menlo College)

As of now, we are planning to do a senior trip before the end of the year and visit a senior Google project manager. He will give us a talk and small tour around campus. Next semester, we will carry on the tradition and will have similar trips.

GSV Pioneer Summit

The MCMC is constantly looking for ways to allow the students on campus to capitalize on professional networking opportunities and real-world experiences. We want to increase students knowledge of their field and introduce them to all the new changes occurring in the business world. In pursuit of this, MCMC provided members free passes for the Pioneer Summit Event. This event is a prestigious gathering of forward thinking CEOs, Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists, and other influential magnates in the business world.

The results and benefits that the participants gained were effective in their personal and business development.

“I’d like to thank you for the opportunity given to me this past weekend in allowing me to attend the Pioneer Summit Event. There were many amazing speakers from all around the world giving us valuable information and tips on growing a business. Please keep working hard in creating these great opportunities for the students of Menlo College.” – Camillo Arias (Senior at Menlo College)

We are in the process of planning some exciting events for the rest of the semester including another trip to Google along with other prestigious companies. Please sign up for the MCMC and capitalize on every opportunity possible to improve your marketing skills and learn about business in practice. You will improve your skills and become well-equipped to ease into the business world.

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