The Living Dead: A Story of the Bowman Library Ghost

Bowman Library

Photo by Maya Mogensen

By Maya Mogensen –

Hi. My name is Reginald von Hausling III, but you can call me Reggie. As you may have found out from my last article about “The Misunderstood Squirrel Of Menlo,” there are many untold stories at Menlo College that need to be exposed and it is my duty to share them with you lovely students. Since Halloween is approaching I feel I must tell the long forgotten story of Sylvester.

Sylvester attended Menlo College in 1963. He was a well-rounded person and didn’t have any vices, except for the fact that he loved to prank people. His favorite place to do this was at the library. However, his version of pranking was different than most. When someone was studying, Sylvester would quietly sneak up behind them, grab their shoulders, and yell, causing that person to scream in fright.

The night before Halloween, all the people who were pranked by Sylvester got together and plotted their revenge. They were sick of him distracting them from their studies, especially because many of them had important tests. Sylvester’s victims decided that the Bowman library was the perfect place to retaliate. They discovered that Sylvester was alone in the library working on homework that night. They crept up behind him and grabbed his shoulders, just as he had done to them. But this time was different.

This time it was more nefarious.

When they scared Sylvester, he jumped so high that he hit the book shelf next to him. Normally, this would not be a problem. However, the bookshelf next to Sylvester was that of witchcraft books. CRASH!!!!!  Books and pages scattered along the floor…but one book landed open in front of one student. Sylvester heard someone read the words “mortem incarnatum” and then his world went dark.

When Sylvester awoke there was a group of students crying and circling something… or rather someone. When he looked closer he saw that it was his body. “AGHHH!” he screamed. But to his horror no one could hear him. He placed the icy hand of death on one of his murderers’ shoulders; she screamed. He tried getting the other students’ attentions, but they too just felt the icy hand of death. Scared out of their minds, the students ran as fast as they could out the doors and into the night. They later promised to never tell a soul what happened that night.

When Sylvester’s body was found the next day, the detectives on the case concluded that he died from a heart attack because he was incredibly stressed. His death was the talk of the school for a while and Sylvester’s story became a cautionary tale used to warn students to take proper precautions to deal with stress. However, his death soon faded from everyone’s memory as students graduated and other exciting drama occurred.

More than half a century has passed, yet Sylvester continues to roam the library structure, screaming and yelling at students in the hopes that someone will hear him. He has never forgotten the people who trapped him in the spirit world, and now every Halloween he redoubles his search for them, hoping to be released from his prison. So if you are in the library and hear a scream of feel the icy hand of death, don’t worry…it’s just Sylvester seeking escape.

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