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Last Gun Shop in San Francisco Officially Closed

By Sofia Herrera-

High Bridge Arms
High Bridge Arms by Victorgrigas from Wikipedia

October 31 is usually celebrated with candy and scares. However, this year Halloween marked the end of an era. High Bridge Arms (since 1999, the only gun store in San Francisco) closed on October 31, 2015. The store announced on facebook they were closing for “a variety of reasons.” Among these reasons is the prospect of tightening gun regulations in San Francisco. New regulations currently in consideration require gun stores to videotape customers making gun purchases and report sales of ammunition to the police. Store manager Steve Alcairo says the store doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of the new regulations which are already angering customers.  “We’re getting phone calls: ‘So if I buy a box of bullets from you, are you going to report us to the police department?'” he says. San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell proposed the new regulations. Farrell comments, “So for a store owner to claim that the introduction of this legislation caused the store to close, I would suggest that there are other issues going on.” Take, for instance, the fact that the owner of High Bridge Arms considered going out of business in the 70’s. Nonetheless, High Bridge Arms will be missed. In the store’s last days of operation, they were selling more souvenir t-shirts than guns or ammunition. Now, in order to buy a gun, citizens of San Francisco have to drive a little further or order online.