The Squirrel

Christmas Vacation Poem

By Maya Mogensen-


T’was the day after finals,

and all through the halls,

There was joyous celebration

and suitcases for all.

It was time for goodbyes

and a quick gift exchange.

Then most of the students

went on their way.

The winter athletes had to stay

but with their teammates and friends,

Looking forward for their seasons to begin.

It was Christmas Vacation.

All the classes were done.

It was time for Netflix

binging for all!

No homework to do!

No worries at all!

Except to hang tinsel and ornaments on walls.

It is time for joy, cookies, and treats,

To drink hot chocolate with extra whipped cream.

Enjoy the holidays, whatever you believe

Just enjoy your time with your family.

Happy holidays from the Journalism Club to you!

And we look forward to seeing you in the new year, too.


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