Active Wear in Everyday Life

By Michaela Courand-

Pressed for time? Go from workout to class in minutes!

Michaela running stairs in Nike sweatshirt and sneakers with yoga pants

Photo courtesy of Michaela Courand

Did you just work out and now only have a few minutes to get cleaned up and ready for class, but still want to wear a stylish outfit? Or did you snooze your alarm and only have minutes to get ready and go, but still want to look great? Under a time crunch, it is hard to pick out clothing that creates a stylish outfit. There is nothing wrong with wearing 100% workout gear, but sometimes you may want to look more put together. Or, dare I say it, like you had time to get ready even if you didn’t. If you belong in any of these scenarios, then I have a solution for you!

You can swap out certain pieces of workout clothing, replace them with more stylish everyday clothing, and have a great and trendy outfit. This might sound a bit surprising, so I have provided a few examples that will help you visualize what I am talking about. The basic concept is as follows: imagine a base workout outfit, a jacket or sweatshirt, workout leggings, and sneakers. You can just replace one or two of those clothing elements for your everyday clothing, and you’ve got what I call “workout chic.”

Michaela sporting sneakers and workout sweatshirt with jeans

Photo courtesy of Michaela Courand

For example, keep the workout jacket and sneakers, but swap the leggings out for your favorite pair of jeans. You immediately have a sporty stylish outfit and you only had to replace one item. Maybe you want to look less sporty and more stylish? Then this technique still applies! Instead of just swapping out one of the workout items, swap out two! Start with the same base outfit. You can swap out the jacket for a sweater or cardigan, keep the leggings, and pair the entire outfit with shoes that are a bit dressier such as boots or booties. Then you’ll have that more stylish outfit you want.

Some of you may be wondering, “Workout clothing and everyday style, do these really go together?” The answer is yes. In the last few years, Nike and other athletic brands have made their clothing more style-oriented.Think of yoga pants which were originally created to be worn while practicing yoga. Although they lacked popularity in the beginning, almost every teenage girl now wears yoga pants without ever stepping foot in a yoga class. Yoga pants, and workout clothing in general, are becoming mainstream and gearing towards more than just exercise.

Moreover, in the last year the sport-chic trend is exploding in the fashion industry. Fashion bloggers and even designers are pairing very stylish outfits such as a long duster jacket, blouse, and pants, with sneakers or other exercise attire. The exercise world is meshing with the fashion world, causing workout clothing to be a lot more stylish! So you can trust that it’s okay to segue your morning workout, or your “just got out of bed and I don’t have any time” wardrobe into something cool, stylish, and trendy.

By swapping out one or two of these elements you create a more stylish outfit that only takes minutes. I promise this will save you a lot of stress. Whether coming from a workout, or just getting out of bed, this technique is perfect for stylish ladies to get ready for their day. And guys, if you are reading this, it works for you too. Don’t go straight from practice to class. You can also swap out those exercise shorts with jeans or even sweats. “Workout chic” is for everyone!