Student Life

Menlo College Tips & Tricks

Menlo Logo with tips and tricks

Photo by David Laflamme

By Samantha Newman-

College life is hard. Through the empty bank accounts and exhaustion, getting by can seem daunting. Here are a few tips and tricks pertaining to Menlo College:

  1. Mix a little creamer in the hot cocoa mix for a creamier and richer cup of hot cocoa in the Library. Applies to the cafeteria too.
  2. Walk down to Pharmaca on Santa Cruz Ave. in Menlo Park for free samples of tea and beauty products.
  3. Get free feminine products from the woman’s bathroom by Student Affairs. Sometimes they are in FloMo woman’s bathroom as well.
  4. Invest in a large container for water to stock up at the water fountains so you don’t have to walk out of your way at night for filtered water.
  5. If the iced coffee isn’t out at breakfast, fill a clear cup with mostly ice, half creamer, some chocolate syrup, and coffee for an iced mocha. The syrup won’t sink to the bottom like the sugar packets.
  6. You can get free food at most on-campus events, or at the very least some candy. Every Tuesday the Russell Center has pizza for Study Slam, run in and grab some. No one will care.
  7. Feeling tired but the dorm is too far? Take a nap on the library couches, again, no one will care.
  8. If the cafeteria has after-dinner mints, grab one to drop in your hot coffee for a peppermint coffee treat.
  9. Don’t like the bread at the sandwich station? Grab the bread by the toaster and ask them to use it instead.
  10. If you’re ever staying up to watch a meteor shower, dress warm, bring a towel, and go out to the middle of the quad. Drag one of the green tables with you and lay the towel down on the table. Lie down and chill while you watch the meteors. There is enough room for two.
  11. If the cafeteria is serving nacho cheese, get a plate of french fries and have the server or yourself pour the cheese on the fries for some delicious cheese fries.
  12. If you need to make copies of something and happen to live in Kratt, go down to the basement, there is a copy machine there.
  13. Student Affairs often has candy, coupons, and free samples for the student body to take.
  14. Do laundry mid-week and avoid the evening to steer clear of busy laundry times.
  15. Want to watch a movie on the big screen with your friends? If the Fireside Lounge is unreserved and unoccupied, hook up your laptop to the projector and cozy up the couches to enjoy a full theater experience.
  16. Find out who lives in similar areas to you to carpool back home for breaks, if you can.
  17. Need to blow up balloons for an event? Ask the Student Union workers if you can use the helium tank.
  18. All the front library computers and some of the cubicle computers allow you to print to the color printer.
  19.  Want to be alone for a while? Bring down some pillows or a chair to make yourself comfy in one of the many empty basement rooms in Kratt. Some are locked, but there are open ones as well.
  20. Double dorm rooms can be a lot roomier if you and your roommate make bunk beds. Some brave people even triple bunk their beds together.