Month: March 2016

Menlo College Drag Show

By Samantha Newman- On February 11th, the Student Union and Gay Straight Alliance Club hosted its second annual drag show. This year’s Drag Show differed a bit from last year’s because it […]

NetImpact at Menlo

Dash for trash

By Samantha Newman- Sustainability is not something that comes naturally to everyone. In fact, it is something that must be taught. That is why Menlo College staff and students alike are beginning […]

The Spring Training Experience

Scottsdale Stadium

By Brian Brownfield- While basketball and hockey are preparing for the playoffs just over a month away, baseball is prepping for the beginning of its six month season. The best way to […]

Menlo College Career Fair

Tables at Menlo College Career Fair

By Ngozi Harrison- On Wednesday, March 16th Menlo College hosted 47 companies and 3 graduate schools at the 2nd annual Menlo College Career Fair. Students were able to explore companies in many […]

Rick Lowe Presents at Menlo College

Rick Lowe Presenting

By Valentino Stradford On February 25th “Social Artist” Rick Lowe visited the Menlo College campus and spoke about art and the type of work that he does, including several projects that he […]

Menlo Pioneer Club

Main business cities across the globe

By Maxwell Barnes- Interested in entrepreneurship? Ever think about starting a company? Need advice or mentorship? If yes, the Menlo College Pioneer Club may be for you! The Pioneer Club is a […]

Dressing “Business Casual”

Business casual outfit template

By Michaela Courand- On February 11th I went with my Integrated Marketing Communications class to Facebook HQ. We were asked to wear “business casual” to this event. I was immediately stumped when […]

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