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How to Have an Amazing Spring Break

People scattered on Bondi Beach

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By Maya Mogensen-

Hi. My name is Reginald von Hausling III, but you can call me Reggie. You may not realize this, but you only get a small amount of spring breaks for your entire college career. For most of you, it is only four. FOUR! Four small, but glorious spring breaks that allow you to travel to new and exciting places, hang out with friends, and do amazing things.

Some of you may want to spend all four of your spring breaks in the same location such as visiting family, hanging out with friends from back home, or going to your local beach. No matter what you decide to do, these tips will help you have an amazing spring break:

Get all Homework Out of the Way

Do all of your homework at the very beginning of your break. The last thing you want to do is come back to Menlo and have your Professor tell the class to turn in whatever assignment he/she sadistically assigned to you over break and experience that sinking, dreadful feeling in your stomach because you did not complete it.

Relax at a Beach/Lake

It’s hard to beat warm weather and attractive people running around in swimwear (for people going to colder climates, think of hot tubs and/or hot springs). Enjoy the access that you have wherever you are and try to get rid of all the tensions you have gained from midterms.

Try New Things

Find and experience spectacular new things by getting out of your comfort zone and seeing everything in a positive light. Make sure that you are attentive and careful and you will be able to do a lot of things you have never thought of doing before.

Make Connections

Taking advantage of the different opportunities that arise during spring break by meeting new people and making valuable connections. Talk to the person sitting next to you on the plane or the person that stands next to you in line at the grocery store.

You have a plethora of options for what you can do during spring break. Make the most of wherever you are going and whatever you are doing. Be sure to stay safe and have a great break!