Student Life

Menlo College Drag Show

By Samantha Newman-

On February 11th, the Student Union and Gay Straight Alliance Club hosted its second annual drag show. This year’s Drag Show differed a bit from last year’s because it was almost entirely made up of drag kings. Andres Camarillo donned his better feminine half, Tiffany Blew, to host the event. Participants of the show did their own special talent and introduced their personas. The crowd was also brought into the show and did a variety of challenges, including a makeup competition. In the end, Andres crowned Erika Vargas as the winning drag king for her dapper style and confidence. Richard Runkle-Edens, the sole competing drag queen, stole the show (and the crown) from Tiffany Blew, and was crowned as drag queen.

Leading up to the event, Andres voiced his hope to me that this year’s drag show would have a better balance of humor and respect for the art of drag; I believe this was achieved with flying (rainbow) colors. Last year’s drag show was amusing, but it lacked the element of appreciation and effort that is normally put into drag shows. Since Gay Straight Alliance backed the show this year, it was clear to see the time and energy put into everyone’s performance.

Drag is an entire culture made up of both drag queens and drag kings who express themselves through performance. It is not just an act of dressing up in different clothing. For some, it is an artform that helps complete a person; meanwhile, for others it is a statement against the gender binary. Fighting and breaking down the gender binary is no easy task, but understanding and appreciating drag culture is a step in the right direction. For this accomplishment, I give thanks to all those who participated but were not yet mentioned: Erika Vargas (Jose Cordon), Carleson Brandt (Brandt Allman), and Isabel Cervantes (Estaban Julio Ricardo Montoya DeLaRosa Ramirez). Thank you everyone for making Menlo College an accepting place.