Dressing Simply

By Michaela Courand-

Today I want to discuss a more general topic, dressing simply. This advice is slightly different from my usual problem-solving fashion article, but don’t worry, I am still your #fashionproblemsolver.

Dressing simply sounds easy, right? Perhaps, but it can be challenging at first because you have to get used to choosing the right items. Dressing simply does not mean easy where you just randomly select pieces from your closet. Simple means the pieces you’ve chosen work together in an uncomplicated, uncluttered, and graceful way.

Dressing simply consists of wearing the minimal amount of clothing items possible to create an outfit.  This does not mean stepping outside without shoes or pants…that would be too minimal! Instead, it means gravitating towards a single top and jeans or skirt rather than adding many layers or elements to your outfit. It also means you must think about the patterns, jewelry, and shoes you choose. Cluttered and over-the-top pieces take away from the simplicity of the outfit, so I recommend wearing only one accessory such as a hat or piece of jewelry with each outfit. This won’t take away from the simplicity, but will add a little “oomph” if you feel like your outfit needs that.

Some of you may think I am talking about creating a plain or boring outfit, but I am going to show you that a few elements can be simple, but far from boring. In fact, simple can be very stylish and elegant when done well. Here are three examples, with pictures for reference.

Outfit 1: A great example of a simple outfit is a white or striped button down shirt tucked into jeans and paired with your favorite sneakers. This outfit only requires three items so it is simple, yet fashionable at the same time.

Outfit 2: Another great example is pulling out your favorite tee and pairing it with a skirt or shorts of your choice and sandals or a springtime bootie. Again, this outfit consists of only three items, but it is spring appropriate and stylish all at once.

Outfit 3: Now some of you love patterns and shouldn’t give them up just to dress simply. Pattern is wonderful during this time of year and it should be embraced. Begin with your favorite patterned clothing item, then build on it. For example, if it is a patterned pant, then pair it with a simple top and sandals. The outfit is simple and the pattern comes through without overwhelming everything else.

These examples are spring appropriate and the perfect base layer if the weather happens to be unpredictable like it has been! If your base outfit is simple and consists of only three items, you can easily adjust for the needs of the day. For example, suppose you are wearing outfit 1, and you step out of class into a light drizzle. Just dash to your room or car, add a jacket, and you are good to go. In contrast, if your outfit is already complicated it will be hard to seamlessly adapt to a multitude of weather changes.

Outfits with many pieces and elements can of course be done, but simple outfits are easier and allow the elements you select to shine through more clearly. A simple outfit is also far easier to adapt for the weather or different occasions. Dressing simply will save you time and the headache of picking out a complicated outfit for the day!