Style Trend Alert: Boho

By Michaela Courand-

It’s finally warm out and summer is right around the corner; we just have to get through the next grueling week and then we can enjoy summer and all its glory! There is a style trend that fits these long summer days perfectly. It’s “boho,” short for “bohemian.” This trend has been around the last few seasons during spring and summer, but the style originates from the hippie clothing of the 1960s and 1970s.

Boho is one of my favorite ways to dress during the warmer months because it’s trendy and gives off a wonderful carefree vibe. Some of you might associate boho with “choker necklaces”  and Coachella, the largest music festival and hub for people dressing boho. You are right in this association and there is an element of the unconventional in it, but boho can also be a bit less extreme. I think the heart and beauty of boho is movement. The clothing moves as we move, and the differing patterns and other elements end up flowing together. Boho achieves this by using multiple patterns, incorporating fringe, layering clothing and jewelry, and coaxing us to be brave enough to wear flared jeans or bell bottoms. All of this adds up to a personal, carefree, cute, unconventional, and flowing style.

I am sure many of you have an idea of what it means to dress boho and some of you are rocking it already. It’s one of those styles where you know it when you see it! But for those who are not sure, I am going to break the style down for you and give some examples.

My first example is a more understated boho outfit. You can pair a loose striped button up shirt tucked into cut-off denim shorts with an exposed bra, specifically something strappy or with lace, and buckled booties. This outfit gives you movement and utilizes different patterns and textures without having to worry about too many elements like weather or accessories.

My next example is for those that want to capture the trend, but don’t want to put in too much effort. A heavily patterned jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for you. A jumpsuit or romper of any kind is perfect for hot summer days because it’s light in material and you don’t have to put on multiple items to create a cute outfit. Pick a pattern, expose some skin, and you’ll exude bohemian. Pair this with your favorite sandals and you are good to go.

My last outfit is for the brave ladies that want to try something outside of the box. Pair a distressed shirt with an exposed bra of your choice (strappy or lace is what I go for), tucked into some flared jeans or pants of your choice. Add some dainty layered jewelry and whatever shoes you prefer (you probably won’t see them because of the length and cut of the jeans).

I love the boho trend and I have seen it pop up more and more. I encourage you to try it out and find your ‘inner boho.’ I want to thank all of you for reading my articles and I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed writing them for you! I also want to thank Taylor and the Menlo Oak Press for giving me the opportunity to write about something I love. I’ll be back next year with more articles for your dose of fashion in this business minded school. I hope you all have a wonderful summer!