An Introduction to The New Editor-in-Chief

My name is Valentino Stradford, and I have the privilege of being the new Editor-in-Chief of Menlo College’s, student managed and operated, Menlo Oak Press. For those of you who have not already made my acquaintance, I am a sophomore accounting major that can be easily identified by the mass of black hair on my head–which is occasionally organized, though most often not; I enjoy discussing politics and history, I also enjoy Game of Thrones, Lucky Charms, cuddling, and long walks at night.

I was chosen to be the successor to Taylor Morrow, the former Editor-in-Chief and rejuvenator of The Press. I hope that I can meet her expectations, and fill the role appropriately; but I can do neither unless I have the support and participation of the great students and staff here at Menlo. This paper will thrive or wither by the will and work of our community. If you are interested in anything or concerned about something and no one is saying or doing anything about it, then this is your forum to speak.

Do not be afraid to share your educated opinion or to use this organization as a tool to hone your skills for the future. As you can note above there is no reason to fear coming forward to write, certainly not with me. And if you don’t want to write, then you should still read and support the work of your peers.

I look forward to the semester and year that lies before us.


Valentino Stradford,

Menlo Oak Press, Editor-in-Chief

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