Club Corner

Menlo Pioneer Club

-Maxwell Barnes-

Interested in entrepreneurship? Ever think about starting a company? Need advice or mentorship?

If yes, the Menlo College Pioneer Club may be right for you!

The Pioneer Club is newly created private, invite-only, club started last semester. The club seeks to connect students with Menlo College alumni and Bay Area experts who are well-experienced in successfully running their own companies. Club members will have the opportunity to develop a fun and engaging mentor-apprentice-like relationship and build a network with successful Bay Area entrepreneurs. The club holds catered dinners every month and a half with select Menlo College alumni, Menlo College administrators and staff along with other special guests from the Bay Area’s business community.

One of the Pioneer Club’s key sponsors is GSV Asset Management, a local venture capital firm in Woodside, CA. They are a multi-product asset management firm devoted to finding and aligning with the most dynamic, fastest growing businesses in the world—“the stars of tomorrow.”

This club is in no way exclusive to anyone. We are all part of the Menlo College community and family. The basic requirements for joining are as follows:

1) Minimum GPA of 3.0 and completion of MGT 101.

2) Ability to attend meetings at least once a month. Dates, times, and location of meetings will be given to club members. (NOT COUNTING DINNERS)

3) Student must not only be interested in “entrepreneurship.” The Pioneer Club is seeking students that have taken clear steps in trying to start a business or gain experience in business. Some examples of what qualifies as “experience in business” could be developing a business plan with the intention of actually trying to start a company, developing an app, trying to build a website, etc. Any questions should be addressed in your email to the club.

4) Lastly, those interested in joining should be aware that this is both a club and the early stages of a new program at Menlo College. We are seeking to develop and foster relationships with a variety of businesses and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. This is a new and fun adventure, but it’s also a serious commitment. This is for students that are ready for the next level.

If you are interested in joining and/or want more information, please email club President, Maxwell Barnes at