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An Everyday Outfit For All Of Your Fall Activities

Michaela Courand-

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s already the end of October? It’s hard to imagine. It has been a while since I brought you my latest fashion observations and advice, and I am happy to be back. My favorite season is upon us!

Fall, in my opinion, brings the best of things–crisp breezes, warm layers, cozy nights, and the changing leaves. We also have a lot of different festive activities, including apple picking, going to a fall festival or small-town fair, or selecting the biggest, knobby-est, or most perfect pumpkin at a patch. My favorite activity is pumpkin hunting in Half-Moon Bay, which isn’t too far from Menlo.

With this variety of different fall activities, it can be hard to think of an outfit, and even harder to find one that can accommodate more than one activity. It is natural to want to focus on the event, but I recommend before picking your outfit that you first check the weather and conditions for the particular activity. For example, over many years of going to pumpkin patches, I discovered that each patch is different. Some are flat and dry, with the pumpkins arranged on display. It’s a bit like shopping. Others are more like sticky swamps that you have to wade into to find just what you’re looking for, and so a bit of an adventure. I have also found that conditions can change during the activity–a brisk sunny afternoon in a pumpkin patch can turn cold, misty, and windy in short order. After you assess the conditions, you can think about your outfit.


Here is an example of an outfit I wear and trust, and that can accommodate a variety of activities and conditions. I like to begin with color because I believe the color of your wardrobe should transition as the leaves do. I like to wear rich full-bodied colors like olive green, burgundy, cognac, and deep grays. How you go about wearing these colors is up to you. I like to wear multiple shades of fall, as you can see in the attached photos.

Depending on the conditions for your outing, I would consider layering your clothing. If conditions become warm, you have a base layer, and if they turn chilly, you have something to put on to keep you warm. I recommend a lighter style for the shirt, such as a long sleeve thermal type of shirt. But you can choose your favorite type of shirt to wear! Then I would choose a jacket that can keep you warm but isn’t too heavy; we aren’t yet in winter. I chose a faux suede jacket because it not only adds warmth but an extra element of style to the look. Pick any jacket that that fits your vibe, and adds a medium amount of warmth to your look. Some great possibilities are a duster, bomber, or jean jacket. For the bottom half of the outfit you can build on what you wear on a day-to-day basis. I like to wear jeans for my everyday look, but I know not everyone else does. Choose what you are most comfortable in, that way you can fully enjoy the activity.  

Now to wrap up your outfit, you have to choose what kind of shoes you are going to wear. This is one of my favorite parts! Shoes can really make an outfit come together. I chose some ankle booties because they gave me some height and went with the color spectrum I was trying to achieve. Now these might not be practical if your Fall activity, like mine, may involve mud! So if you think this may be the case, just bring some shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Save the booties, or whatever else works for your outfit, for after the activity.

I hope this gives you an outfit idea that can go with any fall activity you have planned!