Honest Advice with Ana Bechtel

-Ana Bechtel-

Hello reader!! Just take a seat and kick your shoes off because Ive got some good stuff coming your way! First off, my name is Ana. I am a junior Marketing major here at Menlo College, originally from a little town called Point Loma in San Diego, CA. I chose Menlo because of its outstanding academics, welcoming community, and its location. Growing up in Southern California was an amazing experience filled with tons of sunshine, sand in my toes, and some pretty groovy people. I wanted to see the mysterious second half of California with all its green rolling hills, eclectic community, and its vibrant scenery and Im so glad I made the decision to move here! But there is still so much exploring, adventuring, and food tasting to do, and this girl is on a mission!

Ive asked a few of my friends here at Menlo some questions about the school, the community, and their next spot to visit in the Bay Area. As someone somewhat new to the area I love to hear about others’ favorite places to go, their secret spots, and what makes Menlo so special to them. Heres what they had to say:

Q: What makes you so comfortable with Menlos campus?

Monica H: The fact that I can walk around campus at night worry free with a plate of chicken fingers and fries (and not enough ranch) just because, and I feel completely safe.

Bailey G: What makes me comfortable with the Menlo campus is definitely the family-like atmosphere I feel every time I step outside my dorm room. Everyone always says hi to one another, and every time Im on my way to class I stop about five different times to chat with so many people. I love the amount of friends you create while being here, it makes the experience so much more special.

Kenzie C: One thing that makes me so comfortable with Menlo’s campus is knowing that everything is so close. I love that all of my friends and teammates live just down the hall or across the sidewalk and everything I need is right down the street! Another thing that makes me comfortable is knowing the area that we are in. Being in Atherton I feel safe walking around at night and by myself during the day.

Q: When youre feeling like its time to break the Menlo bubble and adventure somewhere, what pops in your head?

Monica H: Whenever I decide to dip out it’s usually for food or to the closest beach.

Bailey G:  I absolutely love going to cute little towns with strips of boutiques and mom and pop shops and adventure there. Definitely just exploring places I’ve never been before or rarely go to. I also love going hiking and being outdoors, so going to see the city lights at night or to a lookout spot on the top of a hill definitely is such a beautiful sight.

Kenzie C: When I think about going somewhere off campus I usually think to go to San Francisco. The activity changes between shopping, hiking, finding a cute place to eat, or just walking around. But my favorite thing to do with all of these activities is find cool places to take photos.

Q: Obviously we chose a school that we feel is a second home, or maybe a safe refuge.  When youre feeling like you need a breather from our tight knit community, where (or what) is your escape?

Monica H:  I like to go to cafes. They have a lot of personality around here, I can be at a Venezuelan coffee shop on one block, then an authentic Italian one on the next. I like that, and they’re normally great thinking spots.

Bailey G: My escape would definitely be going on runs by myself and getting lost in the town of Atherton and Menlo Park. Also music is a big part of my happy place and making a bad day good again, it definitely helps me escape from a hectic day.

Kenzie C: When I chose Menlo I forgot that one of my cousins lives in Marin County. When I feel like I need a breather from Menlo I like to go to his house and hang out with him and his kids! It’s also nice to see a different side of the Bay for a while. I was lucky to go to his house for Thanksgiving when I was unable to go home.

Coming next are my personal reviews of some of my favorite coffee shops and secret spots!! If you want one of your own questions featured in the next article, email me at ana.bechtel@menlo.edu.

Happy reading!