Let’s Get Ourselves Out of Our Winter Clothing Rut

Michaela Courand-

Hi everyone! Happy New Year and happy new semester! Today I want to talk about how to get out of a winter clothing rut. In winter we all tend to wear the same things day to day. For example, the rut I get into is wearing boots, a sweater, jeans, and a scarf. It is easy to put together, and since it has been cold lately, practical. But I am here to challenge us all to elevate our winter style out of our typical choices.

There are many ways to do this. One of the ways I do this is by adding a bit of an unconventional piece to my outfit, or perhaps, just something I wouldn’t normally pair it with. For example, let’s say I do want to wear my sweater, jeans, and scarf. Fine, but instead of the boots, I replace them with a pair of sneakers. That way I am not just pairing together the same pieces that I always pick. If you want to get even more creative with this then make other changes to your “go to” winter outfit. In my case, maybe I do want to wear my favorite sweater. Again, this is okay, but then I would replace the jeans with my faux leather leggings and pair it with the sneakers. This would completely change my “go to” look into something I wouldn’t normally pick for myself.

I shared with you my winter clothing rut. Yours may be different, but you probably have one (most of us do). Maybe you have the reverse problem that I do. Perhaps you are always wearing your converse or sneakers with your look. If this is the case then I suggest you elevate your outfit with a pair of booties or boots. It could completely transform your look, from your easy and causal “go to” to a more put together everyday outfit.  

You can also get out of a clothing rut by changing your accessories. Let’s say you wear your scarves in a particular way every time you wear them. By changing the way you tie them could completely change the way your outfit looks, and in return you might feel different too. Another way uses one of my favorite winter accessories: hats. By adding a beanie or hat to your outfit you could really change the vibe you are giving off. I used to never think I was a hat person, but recently I was bored and wanted to change up my “go to”, aka my winter rut outfit. I added a simple white beanie to it and it truly changed how I saw myself in the outfit. I think this is the key – by doing something we wouldn’t normally do, by making even the smallest of changes, we aren’t just changing up our outfit, we’re stepping out of our ruts, and making way for a new feeling about ourselves.

Ruts can be hard to get out of or be aware of. We have to challenge ourselves to try and see them and then make a change. Swap something out. Add something in. Go a bit out of our comfort zone. You won’t regret elevating your current style. Also, a warning – once you start getting creative with your outfits you’ll never want go back to your rut. You’ll like your new outfit, and the new you.

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