Menlo’s New Food Critic

Monica Hruby-

I’m not a food critic. I’m a cheap college student with good taste…buds, and I’m opinionated. So, I think I qualify for this job. Let’s be honest, 8/10 times The Caf is a pass, and with the Student Union in transition, Menlo students will need guidance.

My name is Monica Hruby, and I wish to be your Silicon Valley Food Mentor.

My requirements for a quality meal off campus are:

  1. Cheap?
  2. Hearty?
  3. Flavorful?
  4. Cool enough to flaunt on Snap or Insta? (Don’t you dare roll your eyes because I know you all post your food when you go out, I see it)

These things are important to us! And, I promise to deliver you exactly that.

My first review is a personal favorite that not enough people visit.

El Grullense.

The tacos are about a dollar each. Half a burrito could fill you up. The flavor is phenomenal (but if you don’t prefer spicy, ask for no salsa). And even if the taco’s don’t look too Martha Stewart picturesque, everyone knows what quality taco decadence tastes like… so — BOOM. Instant jealousy.

                 Pictured: Carnitas tacos (rays of light not included)

Celia’s is good, and Taco Bell is a classic, but they can’t beat this authenticity. The tortillas are double stacked and crisp up to hold what’s inside. One taco is a three-biter, so ordering 6 taco’s is no problem, a great accomplishment, a beautiful sight, and does not break the bank. 

The El Grullense by Target puts out free chips and has different salsas to choose from. The one off of 5th Ave is never too packed, and the one right off El Camino in Redwood city has a cool atmosphere. 

Ordering is simple, so don’t be intimidated that you may not speak Spanish. The workers are kind and helpful. And if you do go the spicy route, make sure to order a horchata to offset the heat.
Thanks for reading, keep on eating.