Month: March 2017

Philz Coffee

-Monica Hruby- Back again. Looking to fill up another way this time? Food aside, let’s talk drinks. Ahh caffeine…the elixir of the college student. Paired best with dessert, breakfast or exhaustion! We […]

Ex Machina

-Eli Hoff and Nyke Solovyev- A delicious treat for all the robot-movie lovers, starved half to death because of the cheap and non-nutritious action franchises like Transformers and Terminator, Ex Machina sets […]


-Eli Hoff and Nyke Solovyev- The latest creation of the plot twist innovator M. Night Shyamalan, Split, is a lovechild of the suspenseful and psycho-oriented Silence of the Lambs and the nerve […]


-Eli Hoff and Nyke Solovyev- Martin Scorsese’s latest film marks a stark contrast in style and subject matter when compared to his previous work. Silence tells the story of two 17th century […]

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