Philz Coffee

-Monica Hruby-

Back again.

Looking to fill up another way this time? Food aside, let’s talk drinks.

Ahh caffeine…the elixir of the college student. Paired best with dessert, breakfast or exhaustion!

We love our coffee because naps are frowned upon as we age.

So today, I want to direct you to the quickest, most delicious bean water around.

We all know the green siren pegged as “The Burger King of the coffee world.”

But, I want to bring to your attention this cult followed, and passionately pursued, local joint originally from SF.

Philz Coffee.

I’m not going to lie, it’s intimidating walking in there.

It’s kind of a place you need to bring an experienced friend with to show you the ropes.

The menu has a funky set up, and paying after ordering at the counter seems backwards. BUT, HEY, the best things in life are off the path of normalcy.

Philz’s moto is to simply “Better people’s days.” I think this rocks. Whether it’s through an interaction or the coffee itself, you will leave the store smiling.

I am a frequent visitor and some barista’s know my name. Which is pretty pathetic on my part. I guess it shows where I allocate my time and money. But, it’s pretty damn amazing on their part.

They take the time to get to know their customers and create a relationship.

This is why I go out of my way to come here, to spend my money here. I love the experience.  

Here’s a breakdown for ordering..

  1. Wait to be called up, or approach the open barista with gusto
  1. Express the coffee blend you want, which is separated by roasts on the menu. (Pretentious I know. But, why not?) (Fun fact: Light roasts contain the most caffeine)
  1. You specify how much cream fits your fancy by saying, “Light,” “Medium,” or for maximum coverage of the coffee taste…specify, “Creamy.”
  1. Same with the sugar. It’s light, medium or sweet. (They offer honey too as an alternative)
  1. No more tips, stop worrying and just go.

For THE ultimate cup of heaven, which happens to be caffeinated, say to the barista, “Hey! Ecstatic —Sweet, and Creamy”

But if you’re more like me, you’re annoying and order a large Tesora with cinnamon in the filter — Medium honey, Medium almond milk (;

Pick your poison.

Philz’s doesn’t brew large batches of coffee, and they don’t touch espresso.

They use the pour over method to make each individual cup as orders come in.

The coffee is not bitter. It’s smooth and demands a hum of approval after your first sip.

You can differentiate the flavors in the blends once the attention is taken off the hacking bite of normal coffee.

Lastly, the barista suggests you taste it before you cap it and run off. If it’s not sweet enough or you need more cream, the barista will fix it immediately.

Check out the closest Philz on Forest in Palo Alto.

Stick to caffeine my fellow college students.

Thanks for reading, keep on eating.