Transition Your Winter Wardrobe into Spring

-Michaela Courand-

We are officially in spring, yippee! I know this means we have lost an hour of sleep, but it also means the beginnings of warmer weather. You, like me, might want to shed all of those layers you have been wearing during winter. We are all eager to wear more of our fun and lighter pieces. Unfortunately, spring weather can be unpredictable, so we cannot put away all of our layers just yet! What we can do is create outfits that use some of our winter clothes, while adding touches of spring appropriate pieces. It might seem like this is just mixing a lot of different pieces, but actually it is its own look. If you think about it and really try, you can achieve a perfect look, and you will be ready for that on again off again warm and cool weather that spring loves to dish out.

During spring it seems like all the stores have converted into trendy, warm weather, light-fabric pieces. They are fun and flirty, but is this the time to buy them?

During the winter it is usually much too cold to wear dresses with bare legs or wear short sleeves, but spring allows this for the most part. Just start with an outfit you probably wore frequently during the winter, such as a sweater & jeans and maybe boots or sneakers. To make it more springtime appropriate, you can swap the jeans with a skirt, keep on the sweater, and choose whichever shoes you prefer.  It is just warm enough to show some skin, so this takes the winter outfit and turns it into a unique transitional look! In the pictures I choose a slight variation on this suggestion; I paired a t-shirt dress with a sweater & over-the-knee boots.

You can also do the reverse: keep on the jeans and swap the sweater for a light button-down shirt or fun short sleeve.

I suggest these types of tops because in spring you get a taste of warm sunshine, but as we know, only a taste. It can still be chilly at times. One way to decide is to choose which area of skin you want to show. Where are you okay getting a little cold? You get the look you are going for, and you don’t end up freezing.

You might be wondering “Will I really look springtime appropriate if I am reusing pieces from my winter wardrobe? Will I look off trend?” My answer to the second question is no, I don’t think so. We are working with the weather here, but in a way that creates its own kind of look–heavier pieces, with a flash of skin. Still, if you are worried about this, and if your budget allows it, you can buy a few items to really get the springtime vibe you are going for. Maybe it’s a dress with some floral pattern that you can layer with a sweater or light jacket, or perhaps you’d like some new shoes–like sandals or mules.

If you do buy new pieces to introduce some spring essence into your wardrobe, my suggestions on outfits still apply. Use a winter outfit as your base and swap out some of the elements that made it winter appropriate with some of the pieces you just bought for spring.

I hope these tips help you in transitioning your winter wardrobe into a springtime appropriate look. And if you are having some trouble creating your outfits, not to worry. Let the pictures, and my outfit descriptions be your guide.