Meet The Oak Press Editors

— Samael McCormick–

Hi! Welcome to the restarted Menlo Oak Press. I’m Samael, Sam for short. Erik Bakke (Writing Center & Intensive English Program Director) had asked some of us peer tutors if we would be interested in re-starting the student paper… and now here we are! I’m going to start off the new Oak Press with some insight on your new editors- seven of which are full-time editors and one part-time! 

To start off with our part-time/ guest editor, we have Aziza Harrison (She/her) Aziza is a marketing communications major and is the class of 2020. She loves being able to freely express herself in a creative way, and channels this through fashion and writing. She has always had a love for fashion and found a deep love for writing when she started college. In her spare time, she likes to style, listen to music, or brainstorm her ideas! She will be a visiting editor focusing on  Fashion, Diversity, and Culture. 

As for our full time staff… 

Courtney Cooper (they/ them) is class of 2021 and loves to make your life easier! That’s right, they’re full of hacks for students that will help make college an easier experience- especially for students who may have ADHD, anxiety, or even other learning disabilities. They also love to write fiction based on their own experiences, magical realism, or even gothic-based writing. However, they also have an adventurous side. Courtney loves to travel, hike/camp, and watch broadway shows. 

Helianthys Cha (She/her) will be the sports editor for the Oak Press! She is a Marketing major who loves the beach. She’s also on the golf team! As for writing and reading, Helianthys loves to analyze text, trying to get the deeper meaning behind the writings. 

Miranda Canniff (she/her) is majoring in Marketing & B.S. Management Entrepreneurship. She’s a writing tutor and Oak Press co-editor. Miranda loves art, photography, plants, and the ocean. Miranda also love to learn about other people’s lives and stories, which is why she will be mostly writing about the cultural backgrounds of Menloʻs diverse community! 

Joanne Lee (she/her) is class of 2021 and is a psychology major. She likes hiking and loves her dog Brock! Like most of us, she is a writing tutor, not only just to help others improve their writing skills but improving hers as well. 

Finally, myself. I’m Sam! (he/him) I’m a writing tutor (like every other editor) and a sports management major. I really like writing and reading, mostly because it’s like slipping into another world- kind of like a vacation. In my free time I like to sleep and watch Marvel movies. I’ll be focusing on LGBT+ articles, as well as perhaps some learning disability pieces. My other focus will be issues on campus and concerns that students have. I’ll try and get two sides to whatever the concern is and keep all of you informed! 

We are all very excited to have been given the opportunity to start the paper back up, and hope you are as well! All of us have the common goal to keep you informed about anything that needs to be brought up. If you have any ideas for articles or issues that you may want to be written about, we’ll do our best to write about it. And we are looking for writers–if you would like to write an article or submit an article, please let us know.

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