Gratitude to Menlo


          –by Kiki Wu–Recently, I was asked a question that made me stop and reflect on my Menlo experience. Specifically, I was asked about the opportunities Menlo has offered me. Even though it has only been a few months since my college arrival, undoubtedly, I have grown in many different ways and many new doors have opened for me, which are to help me to up my point. As I thought back to the long flight from China (15 hours from Guangzhou to San Francisco), I realized that I could not have made a better choice! Let me explain why by telling you the things that I am most grateful for.

            The first thing I am thankful for are Menlo’s educational options. This first semester I enrolled in the IEP program and so far taken five intensive English classes. I feel so lucky for being introduced to five great ESL professors! Not only do they help me improve my academic skills, but they also help me solve some of the minor but annoying problems of my daily life. One example being how can I overcome homesickness. Another opportunity that I have taken advantage of is Menlo’s Writing and Oral Communication Center (WOCC).  At the writing center, you can work with either peer tutors or professors. They will help you solve all kinds of grammar, vocabulary and syntax problems. Sometimes, I go there just to chat with my professors (in addition to getting new ideas for my papers). They have lots of advice on adapting to American lifestyles and study habits.

            The second thing I appreciate is the Menlo community. Because of the diverse community here, I am able to meet different people who are really kind and interesting. Fortunately, I have made new friends who treat me like family; they have brought a light into my life since we have met. There is one memorable phrase they have taught me: we will always be with you.  One evening, after a slight mishap and argument in the dorm, my new friends came and comforted me. I felt so relieved and grateful for them. I can say that friends are the thing I appreciate most at Menlo.

            Last but not least, I am grateful for my job opportunity at Menlo. I feel so lucky: I got a job opportunity in my first semester. I now work in Admissions as an Oak ambassador and get to work with many other inspiring “Oak” ambassadors. This experience has given me the chance to enhance my skills and broaden my horizons. Not only do I earn money at my job, but I am also gaining more experience in photography and videography; two hobbies I am really passionate about. 

            In short, I am thankful for the education, the community, and the professional opportunities Menlo College has given me. As an international student, it is hard, at times, not to feel afraid of what the future may bring. A sudden change in international goodwill could mean the loss of family and friends for me. However, I have gained so much from my Menlo experience in such a short time. I have even found my Menlo “family away from home” here. Fortunately, it is very seldom that I feel alone or abandoned in this new, big foreign country. I am quite sure that I won’t ever regret going to Menlo College for my bachelors’ degree. I love my Menlo life!

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