About Us

The Menlo Oak Press Has Made a Comeback!

In December 2014, Taylor Morrow (class of 2016) made the decision to recreate and reinvent the Menlo College newspaper in order to provide students with a place to pursue the practice of journalism and inform the Menlo community. The first step to publishing a new paper for Menlo College was forming the Journalism Club. The Club’s focus in the spring semester of 2015 was to increase awareness and involvement with the paper in order to create something the Menlo College community would read. The club conducted a survey asking what title students and faculty liked the most and what topics they would read. With the help of the Writing Center, Menlo College students successfully created an online newspaper titled Menlo Oak Press. In 2019, Samael McCormick took over the editorship from Valentino Stradford. We hope to bring awareness to issues on campus and give tips to students that will help them during the upcoming semesters.

If you have any topics that you would like covered, or are interested in being an editor please email oakpress@menlo.edu