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International Menlo

  –by Helianthys Cha–No matter which culture you belong to or which language you speak, you are always welcomed within the Menlo College community. Menlo excels in diversity. In fact, over 25% […]

Hong Kong Protest

–by Never Lau–The extradition bill is an agreement that allows Hong Kong to detain and transfer people wanted in countries and territories with “no formal extradition agreements” required (Ives). The Hong Kong […]

Take a Break

–Courtney Cooper– As students juggling various responsibilities, we all struggle with avoidance and staving off burnout. While breaks are necessary to keep our minds fresh and prime for learning taking extended breaks […]

Make time…pt.1

–Courtney Cooper–    Time management is critical for success in every area of life, not just while a student. Whether it is juggling work, school, and your private life; managing a small business, […]

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