We Need to Talk

Samael McCormick Recently, there has been more talk about racism and inequality– both at Menlo and around the country. The deaths of innocent black men and women at the police and government’s […]

Philz Coffee

-Monica Hruby- Back again. Looking to fill up another way this time? Food aside, let’s talk drinks. Ahh caffeine…the elixir of the college student. Paired best with dessert, breakfast or exhaustion! We […]

Ex Machina

-Eli Hoff and Nyke Solovyev- A delicious treat for all the robot-movie lovers, starved half to death because of the cheap and non-nutritious action franchises like Transformers and Terminator, Ex Machina sets […]


-Eli Hoff and Nyke Solovyev- The latest creation of the plot twist innovator M. Night Shyamalan, Split, is a lovechild of the suspenseful and psycho-oriented Silence of the Lambs and the nerve […]


-Eli Hoff and Nyke Solovyev- Martin Scorsese’s latest film marks a stark contrast in style and subject matter when compared to his previous work. Silence tells the story of two 17th century […]

Rick Lowe Presents at Menlo College

Rick Lowe Presenting

By Valentino Stradford On February 25th “Social Artist” Rick Lowe visited the Menlo College campus and spoke about art and the type of work that he does, including several projects that he […]

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