Editors and Writers:

Samael McCormick (he/him) is a writing tutor and a sports management major. He really like writing and reading, mostly because it’s like slipping into another world- kind of like a vacation. He’ll be focusing on LGBT+ articles, as well as perhaps some learning disability pieces. His other focus will be issues on campus and concerns that students have. He will try and get two sides to whatever the concern is and keep all of you informed!

Courtney Cooper (they/ them) is class of 2021 and loves to make your life easier! That’s right, they’re full of hacks for students that will help make college an easier experience- especially for students who may have ADHD, anxiety, or even other learning disabilities. They also love to write fiction based on their own experiences, magical realism, or even gothic-based writing. However, they also have an adventurous side. Courtney loves to travel, hike/camp, and watch broadway shows.

Joanne Lee (she/her) is class of 2021 and is a psychology major. She likes hiking and loves her dog Brock! Like most of the Oak Press team, she is a writing tutor, not only just to help others improve their writing skills but improving hers as well.