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Top ROI for Menlo Alumni

“Menlo is a student-centered institution and our graduates are positioned to go on to successful careers in their field of choice.” – Steven Weiner, Menlo College President Congratulations Oaks! Menlo College alumni continue to see a top return-on-investment in their education. Menlo is now ranked:

  • In the top 3% globally for alumni employment by CWUR;
  • As the 13th Best Accounting program in the U.S. by Grad Reports, and;
  • As a top Real Estate program in the U.S. by Commercial Property Executive.

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Student Features

Lūʻau 2021 Recap with PIC

Lūʻau 2021 Recap with PIC

Not only did the celebration allow us to reminisce upon the past, but it also made us hopeful for the future of PIC at Menlo and the opportunities we might have in gathering together once again.” – Jordyn Sanico ’22, PIC President

⁠ ⁠ For more than 30 years, the Pacific Islander Club has been one of the most enduring student organizations at Menlo. Due to the pandemic, PIC had to postpone and cancel the 2020 and 2021 annual Lūʻaus. However, the students kept the PIC spirit alive last month, through a video stream of prior celebrations, photos, and former PIC President messages. ⁠

Click here to read the full feature and get the link to the 2021 celebration video.

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Staff and Faculty News

Sports Management Now Offered as a Major

Sports Management Now Offered as a Major

Under Assistant Professor Sean Pradhan’s leadership, our Sports Management program is growing. This program has been the most popular of the seven management concentrations, attracting 40% more students between fall 2017 and fall 2019. Reflecting its growth and quality, the Faculty Senate approved Sports Management as the first new major to be offered at Menlo in at least a decade.

As of this fall, Menlo students will now choose among the following six majors:
Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Psychology, and Sports Management.

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Menlo Athletics

Honoring our Athletes

Honoring our Athletes

Following Menlo’s first-ever, all-sports, “Blue vs. White” programming, Menlo held its All-Athletes Awards event on campus this April. Thirteen students were celebrated for their sportsmanship, all around excellence, leadership, service, academic excellence, and sports medicine perseverance.

Bud Presley Coach of the Year

Bud Presley Coach of the Year

Christen Hardee-Thompson, coach of the Softball team, was honored as the Bud Presley Coach of the Year. The College looks forward to resuming competition this fall!

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