2022 marks 50 years since women were first admitted to Menlo College. Throughout Women’s History Month, the College celebrated #MenloHerstory by featuring 13 alumni from the classes of 1973-2022.

Check out their stories below!

Cynthia (Jackson) Mulit ’73

Menlo opened up my eyes to how to begin to think about systems of thought, what to pay attention to when systems of thought aren’t working, and to try to secure the most amount of happiness for the most amount of people.”

Brenda Flores-Reyes ’20

“You are so powerful and Menlo is the perfect place to discover it. Women are passionate and if you set your mind to anything, you can do whatever it is.”

Xiomara Merlin ’97

“I think we are afraid to take risks in life. We’re always trying to find comfort. If you’re uncomfortable, that means you’re doing something good. That means that you are pushing yourself and you’re pushing the envelope and something great is going to come out of it.”

Victoria Osman ’88

“Every person has what I call their superpower. You can’t be good at everything, so don’t try to be or worry about comparing yourself to someone else. Find what your superpower is and use it.”

Joy Branford ’05

Believe in yourself, go after the experiences that energize you and create that continuous learning and growth for yourself.”

Katherine Shai ’10

“I think there are always opportunities for literally everything, especially for the women at Menlo.”

Amy Barron ’07

“I love to give, and I think Menlo helped shape that as well, being given so many opportunities in a small classroom setting.”

Diane Ako ’92

“I think the biggest value Menlo gave to me was instilling a sense of confidence in who I was becoming and who I am.”

Ashlee Hunt ’20

“You’re always going to need to figure out what’s most important to do whether it’s for yourself, for your career or something else, and just prepare for the future.”

Gemma Guerrero ’88

“Menlo gave me the opportunity to initiate, to spearhead efforts, and to be a trailblazer. I was the first awardee for a full academic scholarship and for Menlo’s  internship program. I’m grateful.” 

Brittany Woods-Orrison ’19

“I’d like to remind everyone to always tell their story, and to always create space for others to tell their stories. We have so much to learn from one another, and the love we should have for ourselves should also be for others.”

Frances Mann-Craik ’76

 “I would never have had the opportunity for a successful career without the education, skills, knowledge I gained at Menlo. I never would’ve had this beautiful network of Menlo friends to get jobs from and give jobs to. I owe my career to Menlo College, and so what I owe, I pay back.

Erika Pitstick ’10

“I want to encourage people, and especially women, that you don’t have to have it all figured out first.”