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An Evolving Oak

Get an alum’s perspective on how their job and day-to-day life has changed due to the impacts of COVID-19 and shelter-in-place restrictions. Find out how you can use this period as an opportunity to build novel routines, learn something new, invest in your relationships and more!

Spreading Awareness,
Guest Blogger : Maddy Thomas ’18

Alumna Maddy Thomas ’18 has started a blog to promote disability awareness. Her goal is to help people see that individuals with disabilities are similar to their counterparts and can overcome hurdles and have great achievements.

“We all have unique differences and we need to accept each other for who we really are rather than the stereotype.” – Maddy

Learn more about Maddy’s blog here and join her journey of spreading disability awareness.

Top of the List, Guest Podcaster : Ryan Barnett ’19

A weekly show co-hosted by Ryan Barnett ’19 (RB) and Dominic Gonzales (Dom) where they list, rank and discuss their favorite movies, TV shows, games, athletic topics and whatever else they can come up with! Be sure to drop ideas for topics down in the comments and also include what you would put at the top of the list on their Youtube channel.