How did you discover Menlo? Why did you choose to attend?

I discovered Menlo through a softball camp where I met Coach Hardee. I toured a few different schools before choosing here, and all of them were just fine. But as soon as I came here, as soon as I stepped on the campus, it felt like home. It felt completely comfortable. 

I saw people walking around, just chatting, and I don’t really know how else to describe it other than the vibe was perfect. I remember pulling into the front lot with my parents, getting out of the car, and walking up to what’s now the flagpole, but it used to be a rose garden, and we just looked at each other and we were like, ‘Yep, this is the one.’

What are you majoring in? Why did you choose these majors? 

I am majoring in finance and accounting. I chose finance before I even got to Menlo because I really liked the idea of finance being kind of like a puzzle of how you’re going to maximize your money or profits or whatever it might be. 

I know that there’s so many different little aspects to it, and I wanted to come here to learn about how to put all those together and the art form behind it. Then once I was here, I learned just how amazing the accounting program is here, and I always wanted to double major, so I just added that on.

Is there anything you’ve learned in any specific classes that you think you’ll take with you into the workforce?

I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned from my classes at Menlo that I’ll take into the workforce is the importance of collaboration. It’s really easy to get stuck in your perspective and the way that you believe things should be done. But when you bring in other people and you take their perspectives, you end up with a much better end product.

As a student athlete, how do you balance athletics and academics?

Balancing academics and athletics was a challenge, to say the least. It was very time-consuming. But ultimately it came down to, I always prioritize school in softball. It cost me a little bit of sleep, but it was great to do it in this environment where coaches and professors, everyone is there to help you. As long as you reach out for help, it’s there. 

What clubs or extracurricular activities have you participated in on campus? 

I have been part of the accounting and finance club, but as for extracurricular activities, it also comes down to what I’ve done with the team. We’ve done a lot of community service together, anything from softball camps to beach cleanups and everything in between.

One other thing that I just recently participated in was the Chartered Financial Analyst Challenge through Menlo. The financial professors here picked a team of students, we competed with schools all around the country, and it was about a six-month project. So that was a really in-depth and fun experience.

You’ve been on the Dean’s List every semester of your college career. What tips would you give to other students trying to achieve this, as well? 

If you are a student trying to achieve the Dean’s List every semester, I have to say, just talk to your professors. I think that’s one of the biggest perks about being here at Menlo is you are you, your teachers know you for you. You’re not just a number in a 300-person classroom. You’re here and they can help you.

I’ve talked with just about every professor that I’ve had throughout my time at Menlo, whether it be in office hours or just waiting after class to chat with them, they’re always there to help you, whether it be to get your grades up or just to chat about life. It really helps to build that connection with them. A lot of them have jobs that we all want in the future, so getting that experience from them and being able to talk to them about your future plans is huge.

What would you describe as the highlight of your Menlo career?

Academically, the highlight of my Menlo career will definitely be graduating summa cum laude. That was never really a goal of mine, I just always prioritized it class by class. It wasn’t until this semester when I realized that I was on track for that, so to be able to really wrap up my entire four years of really hard work with that honor is amazing and I’m very grateful. 

Athletically, I can think of a few physical highlights that will always be in my mind. The walk-off hits, the diving plays, things like that. I will cherish those memories forever, but ultimately the highlight of my athletic career has been the bond that I built with all of these young girls. It’s the bus rides. It’s the hotel rooms. It’s the moments that just make you laugh because you’re with the people that you love. That was always my highlight.

You’re an incoming associate at PWC. How are you feeling about going into that role?

I am really excited to be an incoming associate at PWC. I did my internship through them, and I loved every minute of it because, just like Menlo, they had that family atmosphere. I feel like it’s going to be a really smooth transition because I’ve reached out to so many professors here and I’ve had that opportunity to build bonds here that I can already see have helped me in the internship. I’m excited to see how it continues to help me once I get there. 

What are your career aspirations? 

I have a couple of different career aspirations. I would love to be a CFO one day, putting together that puzzle of how to maximize profits and do everything that I’m learning here. But ultimately, I want to start a nonprofit for children to be able to work out in whatever sport they want or just come and have a safe place to be. 

Growing up, I had my softball facility in Oakland and neighborhood kids would come in and out free of charge. That was their safe space. I hope to one day start my own non-profit where I can have that safe space in as many locations as possible for kids to just simply have a place to be, work hard and learn how to, again, be good people.

With all these things you’ve accomplished, how did Menlo and the Menlo community help enable you to succeed? 

Menlo has enabled me to achieve so many things that I’m proud of because I was known here. I wanted to come to a school where I knew the professors, they knew me. Had I gone to a bigger school, I’m worried that I would have just been lost in the crowd. So I’m really grateful for Menlo being a place to take the time to get to know each student for who they are and really empower me to not only achieve these things, but believe in myself to where I could achieve these things and even try for these things. So I am incredibly grateful to be known for who I am here.

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