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“Salty Porridge” by Hazy Zhang – Poem

Salty porridge

By Hazy Zhāng (Chenxiao Zhang)


I lived separately from my parents,

By separately

I mean two days by train.

They visited here twice a year.

The other day

A winter day,

Mom came back for business

That was my happiest time

But happy goes away fast

For the last meal

She cooked spinach-chicken mixed porridge

It was awful

Too salty to taste with tears

Winter therefore

Became the season I hate the most.

“Ode to ‘The Art of Listening'” by Emmy Le-Ewig – Poem

Ode to “The Art of Listening”

By Emmy Le-Ewig

Is it you,

Whom I am searching?

Whom I truly believe in,

“The Art of Listening”.


You are the love,

that I am lacking.

You are the link,

that I am needing.


Please, stop by my window;

Let your love gently caress,

the pain in my heart,

for my home is drowning in sorrow.


Why are there wars?

Why are there borders?

Can they stop destroying?

Earth and humanity,

the family that I embrace.


Can you hear me?

Will you help my family?

Stand together, and

dedicate their lives to each other.


Help me see through my ignorance,

give me the knowledge of education.

Show me your compassion,

for all of us need to be forgiven.   


I promise to work hard,

at sharing your kindness,

at cultivating your attentiveness,

and spreading your benevolence.


I want to reach out,

teach the children to listen.

Their future is in the near distance,

they need to understand,

what are work and dedication.


“The Art of Listening”,

you opened my eyes.

You helped me travel the universe,

you taught me how to trust.


I can hear you whisper,

life is a long journey.

No need to always

be in a hurry.


Your vision of the way

is the path I need to take.

The journey will never end

for it is not important when,

but how and what I care to achieve.


Rest for a little,

step back in time,

Learn from the mistakes,

to lead the future on.


You once had saved me,

I owed you an apology.

Regretfully, I did not “Listen”.

I let hatred fill my destiny.


You once helped carry

the greed I created,

the ego I invited.

We struggled, and almost lost,

but then we reunited.

Is it you,

whom I am searching for?

“The Art of Listening”,

the heart of everything.


“Listening” is an act of love.

Fill your action with care,

stamp out the fire in your heart,

learn not to separate each other apart.


I can swim with you

through oceans of misery,

I promise to stay true,

all you need to do

is “Listen”.


It is you

who changed my heart.

You connected my soul,

never to depart.

If no one has told you,

I want to be the first.

If no one believes in you,

I want to help spread your word.


“Listening is an Act of Love”,

it is in our eyes,

it is in a human’s clumsy touch.

Just “Listen”.




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