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Fear – by Ka’Imilani Deponte-Merideth

I fear losing myself because I’m stuck pleasing everybody but myself
I fear being rejected because it’s like nobody wants me around
I fear being lost because I might never be found
I fear being alone because irrational thoughts creep up into my head
I fear losing my friends because they mean the world to me
I fear losing my sanity because that is what barely keeps me together
I fear what the world has in store for me because it’s all new
I fear losing my self-control because I wouldn’t be able to get it back
I fear not being the best person I can be because of my mother
I fear not being there for my kids
I fear not living up to people’s expectations
I fear disappointing and letting down other people
I fear trusting people to the fullest extent
I fear opening up because my heart can only take so much
I fear being myself because I worry about what people think
I fear letting go because that means it’s over
I fear goodbyes because it’s my heart tearing in two
I fear people going because they won’t ever come back
I fear being forgotten because it’s like I was never there

Joyful Love – by Precious Zeno

A joyful love full of happiness

Making memories that bring me to my knees

You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me

I thank you for this Joyful Love that you have brought into my life

I’m so ready to be your wife

This joyful love gives me life

A joyful love full of happiness.


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